One third of British adults can be categorised as 'Super Distrusters' - MHP Polarisation Tracker Wave 6

Super Distrusters vs The Elite - MHP Polarisation Tracker Wave 6

In the UK, one third of British Adults can be categorised as  'Super Distrusters'. The political wounds caused by global lockdowns and vaccine mandates have been reopened by the cost-of-living crisis and tightening censorship. From ‘15 Minute Cities’ to ‘Don’t Kill Cash’, pockets of public protest belie much wider levels of public scepticism of, and resistance to, new ideas, technologies and policies that promise (or threaten) to change people’s way of life.

Wave 6 of MHP's Polarisation tracker, which has been produced in partnership with Cambridge University Political Psychology Lab, explores how anti-elite sentiment has become a transatlantic phenomenon and delves into who the Super Distrusters are and what they believe. 

This tracker explores:

  • The rise of the Super Distrusters and how society is polarising
  • The core beliefs about the state of the world, that motivate super distrusters
  • The role and views of the 'elite' by super distrusters
  • And more

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