Reputation and the future of European fintech: Powering growth through effective communications

The European fintech landscape has experienced a turbulent two years, from the pursuit of unicorn status to a period marked by financial cutbacks and layoffs. However, recent findings from MHP's research report found that a renewed sense of optimism is now palpable.

The report, which is underpinned by a survey of over 50 C-suite leaders and executives, found that 77% of fintech leaders across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are expecting business growth in the next year. This optimism is coupled with a shift in strategy, as fintech leaders apply the lessons from past challenges to future growth plans.

Free to download, the report explores the:

  • Key drivers of growth for fintech leaders over the next 12 months.
  • Vast and varied stakeholder landscape that is critical to supporting growth.
  • Key role of reputation management on the growth journey.
  • Fundamentals of a successful communications strategy that can evolve over time.

Download the report: